Radiohead's Ed O'Brien Writes Best Celebrity Blog Post Of All Time

by BILLY GRAY · December 21, 2009

    Radiohead, perennial frontrunner for the title of Best Band In The World, popularized a revolutionary pay-what-you-can price format for their last album, In Rainbows. But guitarist Ed O'Brien's delightfully scatterbrained entry on the group's official website this weekend delivers the goods without even allowing you to pay for it.


    The bulk of the post has O'Brien fulminating about the recently concluded climate change summit in Copenhagen. But first, he endears himself to bloggers the world over by apologizing for his laziness and saying "I rather pathetically don’t contribute much to this."

    He continues to establish his humility ("so excuse me if I kick off in a somewhat dejected manner, because in fact none of what I write seems at all relevant or important in the face of serious climate change") before going in for the kill. He calls the outcome of Copenhagen "a bloody disgrace."

    Then, he quotes a length a man named Terrence McKenna who wrote in Food of the Gods that "plants have been integral in explaining mankind’s development in the spheres of language, intelligence and culture." McKenna's book went on to describe LA as a sprawling hellhole populated by mindless pod people and, having watched half an episode of The Hills, I can't help but agree.

    Back to O'Brien's original, ellipses-ridden thoughts:

    "Yet it’s always there, this knowing that we are all living in “The Age of Stupid’ … I’m sure most people feel the same way….. Yet our leaders seem incapable of leading … managing would seem a better word, or rather mismanaging…… Leadership implies wisdom; it implies vision and dynamism; the ability to foresee problems, create solutions and see them through … does that sound like our leaders? NO it doesn’t…"

    It's pretty dire stuff. Luckily, O'Brien realizes this: "This is officially a rant now and I may not post it." Guess we know how that turned out. Ever the team player though, O'Brien defers to the wisdom of his bandmates (and irresistible Britishisms) asking them to "tell me I’m being an arse and I’ll take it down.."

    Ten minutes later (he times is), O'Brien's mood has changed and us a list of  top 10 movies of the decade, scratch that, the 10 best movies to watch over Christmas (a holiday that in the beautiful mind of a Radiohead guitarist calls for screenings of Harold and Maude, 2001: A Space Odyssey and Finding Nemo). There's also a 007 movie (Moonraker) thrown in, because "There has to be a Bond film in there."

    Then, he concludes the post concludes with his analysis of illegal file sharing.

    And buried in this tangled web of awesome? The news that Radiohead is currently at work on their next album. I think.

    Anyway, take note Courtney Love, Lindsay Lohan and other authors of celebrity internet crazy. This is how a rant is done (semi-) coherently and endearingly.

    (Photos Courtesy Of Dead Air Space)