The GofG 90s Christmas Wish List

by Chiara Atik · December 21, 2009

    The other day, we made a disturbing discovery. Something WEIRD has happened Lisa Frank, stationary supplier of our youth. She's...changed.-

    What happened to the unicorns, dolphins, and adorable golden retrievers? When did Lisa Frank turn into a Bratz doll? I guess it's true that you can never go back, but the prospect of going back to our childhood homes this week makes us wish we could.

    Here is what we would wish for if we could magically have one last Christmas in the gilded age that was the 90s....




    1. Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper

    This predecessor of the modern-day Binder was THE cool currency in 1993. It kept all your papers, your sticker book, your Lisa Frank Pens, Pencils, erasers, candy, and completely unnecessary notepad in the back. The only time in history when kids wanted school supplies for Christmas.

    2. Pogs

    Whoever invented "Pogs" and convinced the entirety of America that round pieces of cardboard were worth purchasing, collecting, and treasuring is probably STILL laughing right now. A plastic tube to hold pogs was definitely THE stocking stuffer of '93.

    3. Tomagatchi

    Millions of real pets were abandoned for Tomagatchi, the little key-chain things that need to be fed and played with every twenty minutes. They were banned from schools everywhere, but we still found a way to play with them under our desks.


    4. Goosebumps

    If you were brave enough, you probably put a few Goosebumps books on your Christmas list. "Say Cheese And DIE", "Monster Blood", "The Haunted Mask"; these were the tomes of our childhood. They were scarier than "Are You Afraid Of The Dark" (we were.), but we read them with relish anyway, if for no other reason than to have something to discuss on the playground.

    5. Gak or Floam

    You couldn't mold it, sculpt it, or really do anything useful with it, but Gak and Floam were still on every kid's Must Have list.



    6. Sega Genesis

    For one brief shining moment, Sega positioned itself as the cool kid's Nintendo. It was sleek and black, and its feisty hedgehog mascot put Italian plumbing dynasties to shame. Sega's fall from '90s grace rivaled that of laugh track sitcoms, but what a moment it was.

    7. American Girl Dolls

    EVERY girl wanted an American Girl Doll. Specifically, Samantha, who was for some mysterious reason the absolute most sought after one. (I got Felicity for Christmas. I was pissed). You can still get American Girl Dolls, but Samantha has been retired, making her just as prized today as she was in 1992.

    8. Beanie Babies

    When you think about it, it's kind of bizarre how quickly the country became consumed by Beanie Babies. Stores would sell out. Mothers would get involved. People even referred to them as "collector items" and "investment pieces". But more importantly, EVERYONE had them, so you had to get them too. Especially Tye Dye bear. He was awesome.

    9. Skip-It

    It wasn't as easy as it looked in the commercials, and the plastic would really cut against your angle after a while, but nonetheless Skip Its became very popular in the 90s. More fun than jump-ropes, because they LIT UP!


    Any 90s gifts we left out? Let us know your favorites in the comments!