Modelizing, A Mysterious Relationship

by SARAH MANDATO · January 15, 2010

    Lily DonaldsonModelizing, in whatever form, is a favorite NYC pastime. Whether collected in a bottle service booth, displayed as arm candy at a corporate event or just plain staring as a lithe, long legged thing effortlessly crosses the street in five inch heals; it's hard to tear your eyes away.

    Women sometimes scorn them, but at the same time wouldn't mind adding an inch or two to their pre Louboutin height or losing the same from their waist. Men become google eyed in front of them, fascinated, wanting to both protect and exploit in the letting out of their hunter-gatherer instincts, but in this case for girls and not food.

    What is it about the model obsession? While many say it is the beauty factor, that seems somewhat conflicted when many will also idealize big boobs and chastise the too thin. Models display the most enviable fashion, which might incite jealousy in a woman, but I have yet to meet a straight guy that could really care, or explain, labels about which I would violently explain the difference in the all-too-common name mix-up among dates. So what is it? Good lighting? Cheekbones as aphrodisiac?

    Maybe all of those. To save ourselves a case by case examination, here's your Friday dose of pretty people. We just thought it would provide a little pick-me-up, even if none of us will ever be able to figure out exactly why...

    Helena ChristensenAmparo Bonmati Helena Christensen, Amparo Bonmati

    Martina KleinMarisa Jara Martina Klein, Marisa Jara

    Manuela VelascoJudit Masco Manuela Velasco, Judit Masco

    Ariadne ArtilesLaura Sanchez Ariadne Artiles, Laura Sanchez

    [Photos via icanteachyouhowtodoit].