Would You Wear Fake Nipples For A Good Cause?

by Madison Russell · November 2, 2017

    The most creative way to protest the government? The easiest way to harness your womanhood and instantly feel empowered? Molly Borman firmly believes the answer lies under your brasserie. Or on top of it. 

    Just Nips Fake Nipples are the official stick on fake nipples (are we allowed to say the word nipples this many times on the Internet?), designed to make you "look cold but feel hot." The adhesive nipple enhancers are bridging the gap between fashion, femininity and power. You can stick 'um right on top of your real things or paste them on top of your bra if you still like the pick-me-up from a balconette.

    After support groups from The Women's March latched onto the idea of her nipple enhancements, Molly realized the true potential of her invention. What stemmed from a love of the fashionable look made famous by Rachel from Friends and other hotties (or cold-ies?) from the early 2000s (ehem, prominent lady parts poking out of a sweater or t-shirt), Just Nips became a symbol for an entire political movement. 

    Don't tell me you don't remember the Sex and the City episode where PR maven Samantha Jones tells Miranda to test run some falsies. Sam says, "Nipples are huge right now. Open any magazine! It's not that cold. Those girls are either tweaking or they're wearing these." Miranda sticks them on and immediately proceeds to snag some looks. 

    Borman has created a product that satisfies the Samantha Jones in all of us, projects empowerment, and solidifies a woman's place (on top) in the world. Owning your femininity and harnessing the power of the nipple has never been more chic. 

    What Borman didn't expect was an overwhelming amount of support from the breast cancer community. Developed with the best mastectomy doctor in the United States, Just Nips' medical-grade adhesive formula gives women who've lost their nipples to surgery a second chance at feeling strong. 

    Your purchase of some pearly headlight enhancers has helped fund over 1,000 Just Nips Fake Nipples donations to various breast cancer associations and women in need across the country. Now, this is a nipple with a point. Liberty and Just Nips for all.

    [Photo via @kendalljenner]