You Need These Tiffany & Co. Paper Cups

by Stephanie Maida · November 2, 2017

    Holly Golightly taught us that you don't need a lot of dough to enjoy a moment at Tiffany's. We mean, sure, everyone would rather buy some bling, but when you don't have thousands to drop, another (more affordable) item from the legendary jeweler will do.

    Like a paper cup, perhaps?

    This season, Tiffany & Co. has unveiled a kitschy new home collection featuring everyday objects "made extraordinary." While the line includes a $9,000 ball of yarn and a sterling silver lego set, there's one dining room must-have available for under $100 - "paper" cups in signature Tiffany blue, made of bone china. Seriously, how fabulous would your morning cup of joe be in one of these?

    For just $95, you get a set of two, making it the perfect holiday gift for...yourself.

    [Photo via @tiffanyandco]