Not Quite Priceless, But Definitely Worth It

by CLAIRE WILLETT · March 25, 2008

    hors de prix [Gad Elmaleh and Audrey Tautou in Hors de Prix]

    Call us a cliched francophile, but we still love Amelie, and by Amelie, we mean Audrey Tatou, and her cute little cafe and cute little Montmarte life. However, Amelie came out quite some time ago, and, other than Dirty Pretty Things (which, while excellent, was hardly a delightful romp), we've been rather disheartened with Audrey's role selection. Endless Da Vinci Code trailers had left us so nearly without faith that when we spotted a poster for a film called Hors de Prix (Priceless), we feared for the worst. That said poster featured stock smug young thing in ball gown next to bumbling slightly elder gentleman also in tux only made us more nervous. However, we eventually decided to risk it (Across the Universe was sold out), and, savez-vous, it was fantastique.

    Not heavy, or meaningful, but absolutely fun, in that urbane, Frenchy way. In short, Audrey, whose elfin crop has morphed into a tousled updo, plays Irene, an opportunistic youngster who mines for gold amidst upper crusters intent on Riviera R&R. One night her instincts fail her: the gold (Gad Elmaleh) turns out to be fools, a mere bartender. C'est la vie, thinks Irene. Mais non! thinks Jean. Guess who lucks out? If divining this is beyond you, or you'd like the 3D version, or maybe you just feel like a brief Riviera sojourn and the Maverick's low on fuel, head over to the Union Square Cinemas (sorry) starting March 28. Oui, it's en Française, but bien sûr there will be subtitles.