A Bar, Tattoos, And A Pastor...

by MIKEL MCCOY · March 24, 2008


    Since it was the first Weekend of Spring we we're doing our best to find and feel the zeitgeist of Spring, where else of course but in Brooklyn. While the calendar was definitely in the spring zone, the temperatures …well not so much. After some successful thrift store shopping, check the monk strap shoes below, for cheap we ended up at party where the music was of the bad rap variety, but the other party goers, sure were of the friendly type. One girl came and danced around and surprisingly enough invited us to go to church for Easter.

    This was a bit unexpected for a few reasons. Well, 1) usually church is not part of our party convo repertoire and 2) she didn't appear to be the church lady evangelist type in the least with beer in hand gyrating to some Young Jezzy song. So we played along, talked about music, and life stuff and she convinced us to go to Easter services. Easter services this year were a bit different. They were at Pete's Candy Store, a bar in Williamsburg and the pastor had enough tattoos and piercings to make even alterna-teens kinda apprehensive. Not that GOFG is trying to convince its readers to attend church or give their lives over to the Lord, but it was NICE to go to church on a Sunday and not worry about all the pretenses and conventions usually associated with "praising the Lord".

    RevolutionNYC, that's the name of the church, started in1994 in Arizona to fill the needs that were obviously not being met by traditional churches because of their indifferences and maybe perhaps even fear of people looking and living a bit differently. Check www.revolutionnyc.com for pictures of the pastors and time and dates of service. The people were friendly, not freaky, well not in a bad way. After it was all said and done it was surprising to see that yes hipsters need church too, progressive church at least at a bar with tattooed preachers. Plus we think that the bar may offers cheaper drink specials when the service is going on, so there's even and added bonus.