No one puts together a soirée like Rebecca Gardner. For years, her penchant for mixing the prim and proper with the whimsical and irreverent have been the talk of the town. And now, with the launch of her new online boutique, the aptly named Houses & Parties, her magic touch is just a click away from transforming your home into a prêt-à-party vision.

"I've had a shop in my head for as long as I can remember, partly because I love to travel and shop and partly because I've found that even my most stylish friends and clients lack the essentials to host a dinner with panache. When the world fell apart in March, events were cancelled and my interior design projects were put on hold so I finally had time to make this happen. My inspo file was bursting with over 10 years of tear sheets and post-its.

"Right now, I think we have an obligation to be careful and thoughtful when gathering but that doesn't rule out fabulous. My advice? Pick a day and make it special! And... when this pandemic is over I expect everyone to dress, dance and party like Baz is directing."

Click through for a few of the shop's goodies that have us absolutely swooning - from gorgeous, one-of-a-kind tabletop treasures to parlor games, party hats, and everything else you'd never think of but desperately need!