By now we all know that plastic is bad and plastic straws, in particular, are killing turtles. Not cool! So while we appreciate the sudden environmental wokeness of major companies banning the single-use sipping devices, finding a worthy replacement has nevertheless proven difficult.

Thankfully, we've just come across the ultimate solution: Prosecco-infused candy straws. They're all we need to save the planet (while getting turnt).

Launching this week, just in time for National Prosecco Day on August 13th, the sweet straw creations are the brainchild of RUFFINO Wines and candy couture artist Maayan Zilberman of Sweet Saba

Each set contains three (very 'grammable) paper straws, adorned with handmade candy charms infused with RUFFINO's distinct peachy elderflower prosecco and edible gold. While we won't judge you for sticking them straight into the bottle, click through for two Froseccó recipes that pair perfectly with these chic cocktail accessories.

[Photos courtesy RUFFINO Wines]