Scott And Naeem Celebrate Another Year Together! Make Cover Of VOCUE!

by Rachelle Hruska · October 9, 2008

    Look who made the cover of VOCUE magazine! It's our favorite nightlife ruckus-causers, Scott Buccheit and Naeem Delbridge. These two are making sure that the party never dies in our city, whether that be on the LES, MePa, all over downtown, the West Village, Chelsea, Battery Park....YOU NAME IT!

    Their favorite things in the world (besides non-stop partying) include: Broadway shows, the US Open Tennis, Fashion, Photography, Sunglasses, New Jeans, The Hearst Girls, In-n-Out burgers, Pastis, The Eldridge, 1Oak, Rose Bar, Reading, Koi, their FIVE pets, Facebook and DIET Pepsi.

    They will be celebrating tonight with a big dinner at Ye Ol Waverly Inn!

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    Happy 6th Year Anniversary!!!!