We know what you're thinking - you may have opted out of shaving your legs since the last time you followed through on a swipe right (never), but you're nothing compared to the epidemic that is intentionally un-groomed facial hair. You may be totally faux-down-to-earth chic (in a pretentious way), but you're no bearded lady. And, don't worry, we also agree that eating snacks out of your bra is completely different than out of a face bush.

Now that we're on the same page, we'd like to clarify that, despite your estrogen levels and minimal ownership of flannel shirts, you still may fall victim to a bearded identity. A beard, according to our trusty friends at Urban Dictionary, is a person who is used as a coverup for another's homosexuality. In a word, you may have a guy that's definitely doing both. Check out this guide for some signs that your beau is really just using you for your bougie body wash and Beauty Insider's card.

[Photo via @tomclaeren]