So, this Saturday is National Middle Child Day. Perhaps you forgot because it's not a national holiday that involves wearing risqué, themed outfits to get obscenely drunk in. Perhaps you didn't care because you can't use a holiday like this as an excuse to gorge on Klondikes and Chipwiches like on National Ice Cream Sandwich Day or to get your daily dose of Vitamin T on National Tequila Day. Or perhaps - and this is the most probable answer - you just didn't care because who the f*ck ever pays attention to the middle child? Or you did care since you are the middle child but no one in the family group chat acknowledged your friendly reminders because they don't want to acknowledge the holiday (and they don't want to acknowledge you).

It's time to raise a glass to the middle child, or perhaps a bottle of Wellbutrin because bearing that kind of burden since a tender young age is tough shit that requires medication. Take a look at some of the signs of Middle Child Syndrome that are worth celebrating because after all, we are the best.

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