5 Ways To Get Him To Approach You

While this may sound superficial and fabricated, many beautiful women complain that men do not approach them — at all. With the occasional exception of a brave drunk, men will usually look at a beautiful woman, then look away, never to come close. No matter how gorgeous you are, there's probably a number of reasons why men aren't approaching you. Most of them have to do with insecurity. In his mind, if a guy approaches a woman who is a 6 or a 7, he has a great shot of getting a date with her. However, approaching a 10 will end not only in rejection, but also utter humiliation as she will be indignant at the very thought of him even talking to her. Yes, ladies, even great looking guys have insecurities. Those insecurities cannot be "willed away," so stop thinking about it and do something! Here are our tips to making sure the guy who catches your eye always comes over to say "Hi."

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