No matter which city you're in, walking into a Soho House instantly transports you into the living room, dining room, or guest bedroom of your coolest, most bohemian globe-trotting friend (real or imaginary). The plush and eclectic interiors, from couches to rugs, textiles to tableware, are effortlessly chic yet comfortably lived-in. It's a hard vibe to capture, and one that keeps members continuously coming back for more.

Which is why Soho House, which began in London, launched Soho Home a few years ago. The luxurious line of homeware and decor allows visitors to take some of that signature style back into their own spaces. And now, it's available to shop right here in the U.S.

Browse by category or shop by house. Brooklynites might be particularly drawn to DUMBO House's glam light fixtures and crystal glassware, while Hamptons-weekenders will find everything they need to style the perfect summer country home.

Click through for some interior inspiration and go HERE to shop Soho Home!

[Photos courtesy Soho Home]