Sunday Best Is Coming Home!

by BILLY GRAY · June 11, 2010

    After a mercifully brief hiccup, Eamon Harkin and Justin Carter's Sunday Best dance party will be back on the banks of the Hipster Riviera this weekend! And you won't have to wait on hour-long lines for a beer.

    Well, actually, you won't be able to, since the venue off the Gowanus Canal at 400 Carroll Street--apparently no longer going by the name BKLYN Yard--is still on shaky ground with the landlord who abruptly cut its lease immediately after a joyous, crowded opening Memorial Day weekend. The guys relocated to nearby Littlefield for last week's hoedown with D.J. Koze and things went smoothly, but it's obviously a relief to have a (hopefully) permanent home.

    Anyway, have an extra drink before you leave your apartment.

    Here's the email from Harkin and Carter:

    "We are beyond happy to announce that we are taking a stab at bringing Sunday Best back to the very tree-specked, canal-side lot at 400 Carroll Street where we started this season and spent the past two years. This Sunday, June 13th, we'll begin. We'll be playing in the sunshine alongside LA boogie revivalist Dam-Funk.

    We're taking it week by week: This Sunday there'll be no bar, and there can't be any alcohol at all on the property (so please, please, please leave it at home, as the rest of our season depends on it). The good news, though, is that the food vendors are prepping, and the disco ball will be spinning under the trees.

    As usual, we'll have a back up in case of inclement weather, so keep an eye on our site if a storm comes up.

    We look forward to joining everyone again in the great outdoors!

    Your DJs,

    Justin Carter, Eamon Harkin & Doug Singer"

    A party location getting reinstated? Nice trend reversal.