While global warming has yet to deliver us an endless summer, there's no reason you can't embrace the sunny season yourself, before and after Memorial Day weekend. Whether you're aiming to stump your local bartender, or just fancy mastering a new party trick, cocktail umbrella and all, the soon to be published manifesto Tiki Cocktails has pages and pages of deliciously tropical, delightfully named, colorful drinks. 

The classic mainstays you know and love? Your Mai Tais and your Daiquiris. We've combed the 200 super summery drinks for the tastiest, best kept secrets every true tiki menu needs. Ever hear anyone order a Pi Yi? How about a Chi Chi? As author David Adams prefaces, "stock up your liquor cabinet, juice some fruit, cut some garnishes, check the servicing date on your fire extinguisher and invite a bunch of great friends over for a night of alcohol-fuelled nonsensical frivolity."

Tiki Cocktails, by David Adams, Illustrated by Heather Menzies, published by Smith Street Books (April 18, 2017)

[Photo via @yvonnetohyw]