One of the benefits of having a sommelier in your circle of friends is that you can ask all the wine questions that seem silly, strange, or obvious to ask without getting embarrassed. (That, and they usually bring pretty tasty wines to dinner parties.)

But we love getting these questions. Wine professionals enter the field because they are passionate about wine and, quite frankly, can talk about it for hours on end (this fact has been verified by my husband).

So, when a friend begins with, “Can I ask you a question…,” it almost always means that we are about to chat wine. I suspect I know how doctors must feel at a cocktail party...

I’ve compiled a short list of some of the most common wine myths out there—those that have a direct impact on the wine and/or your ability to enjoy it at its maximum potential. Plus, once you understand the myths, you can make simple changes to have a more pleasurable drinking experience.

Words by Tamara Lover at Food52

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