The Beauty In Simplicity

by Rachelle Hruska · September 26, 2008

    The website for Berkshire Hathaway, run by Warren Buffett and his team of financial wizards is, well, rudimentary to say the least.  Another case for the success of websites, and other areas of our lives.  September always seems to be a stressful month, new business beginnings, back to school, summer's over and it's time to get serious....whatever the case may be, I always find that getting your life down to the bare essentials makes a ton of difference.  And, if Buffett's successful company isn't enough motivation for you, take it from Pam over at the office:

    [Pam's Summer Project]

    P.S. My favorite part of Buffett's site is the disclaimer at the bottom that reads:

    "If you have any comments about our WEB page, you can either write us at the address shown above or e-mail us at However, due to the limited number of personnel in our corporate office, we are unable to provide a direct response."