The Perfect Excuse For A Caviar Cocktail Party

by Christie Grimm · June 17, 2019

    Feeling fancy? Dumb question, we know. Well lucky for you, there could be no better excuse to throw a caviar cocktail party than Chefanie's new collection of entertaining accoutrements! 

    The pro hostess knows a thing or two about planning the perfect soiree, not to mention dressing to impress, and now, she's inviting everyone to join in on the fun. And among her line of decorative pieces? A must-buy set of Caviar Cocktail Napkins, hand embroidered with caviar tins, mother-of-pearl spoons, and blinis! A chic, cheeky presentation for everyone's favorite party treat.

    And you know she didn't stop there. Always one for a theme, Chefanie's also launched a brilliant assortment of fashion accessories featuring, but of course, a pair of Caviar Earrings. Made with glass, natural pearls, resin, and polymer clay, they're the amuse-bouche your outfit never knew it needed!

    All dressed up with no idea how to make a blini? She's covered that too. Watch below for her all-too-easy tutorial that will have you party ready in no time!