The Secret Ingredient Your Espresso Martini Is Missing...

by Stephanie Maida · August 18, 2022

    As a self-acknowledged coffee addict, when the clock strikes cocktail hour, I can always be counted on to transition my twice-daily cold brew to - what else? - an espresso martini. 

    So when I received an invite for an evening of espresso martinis after-hours at L'Appartement 4F (the viral French bakery and café that's usually harder to get into than a hot nightclub), I certainly wasn't going to pass it up. 

    The event was a celebration of the bakery's collaboration with two of the coffee world's latest darlings, COFFEE BAE, a particularly #aesthetic brand of locally roasted beans, and Táche, the first pistachio milk brand in the U.S.

    When I arrived at the cozy Cobble Hill locale, I was greeted with a minimalist chic atmosphere that was very "Paris via Brooklyn," a gorgeous crystal chandelier dangling from the high ceiling, and a crowd of very fashionable fellow coffee enthusiasts. And while I was blessed to get my hands on one of the bakery's cult-favorite double-baked croissants (truly worth the line), it was really the espresso martinis I was there to see (and, you know, drink)."... stroke="none" stroke-width="1" fill="none" fill-rule="evenodd">
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    And there they were, presented on, quite literally, a silver platter. Deservedly so. Perfectly topped with those signature three beans, the concoctions were smooth and light, and went down easier than my first cup of coffee in the morning. They were some of the best espresso martinis I've ever had. Maybe even slightly dangerous.

    I'm convinced it was the added secret ingredient: Pistachio milk!

    The alternative to other plant-based milk alternatives, like almond and oat (which each come with their own environmental and dietary issues), Táche's pistachio milk uses 75% less water to produce than almond milk and absolutely none of the inflammatory oils of oat milk. It's creamy and nutty, without weighing you - or your drink - down. In the case of an espresso martini, it adds a smoothness and a richness that's undeniably delicious. 

    You can officially call me a convert. After you try this pistachio milk espresso martini recipe, you'll be one too. 

    Táche Espresso Martini

    1 ounce vodka
    1 ounce coffee-flavored liqueur (like Mr. Black Coffee Liqueur, Kahlúa or other)
    1 ounce espresso
    1 ounce Táche
    .5 ounce simple syrup

    Shake well in a cocktail shaker with ice and pour into a martini glass and garnish with three espresso beans. Et voilà!

    Now we just need to get every cocktail bar in New York on board.