Book It

Peruse the miles of books at The Strand in search of the next book you'll spend one day reading, then months forgetting about, then another day reading, until a year from now you've done it!

I highly recommend settling on your title, then asking if they have a used copy, which is always so much cheaper. Even for newly released books they've used copies thanks to some eager beaver who bought it, read it overnight, and then sold it back the next day in pristine condition. I once went to buy the latest Chelsea Handler book at The Strand the day after it came out, only to find that they had not in fact even received the book yet, but did however already have a used copy!

Whatever you do though, don't try and be a hero. Hand that barcode slip they'll give you at the information desk to one of The Strand Geniuses who can understand it. They'll escort you to exactly where the used copy is, and you'll save hours of your life.

[Photo via @strandbookstore]

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