Spring cleaning may be upon us, but don't forget that the junk you're throwing out, you should actually be upgrading and replacing. Case in point? Your mess of a desk. 

It's time to toss the cheap pack of Thank You cards you've been toting around, do away with the hodgepodge box of mismatched note cards you've been collecting for a rainy day that's never come, and live up to your proper social potential.

Lucky for you, the stationery gods over at Dempsey & Carroll have teamed up with Interior Designer Nicole Fuller for a collaboration that wholly reflects her contemporary flair, penchant for bold statements, and fearlessness in the face of brights. We dare you not to like her new collection of three gorgeously designed correspondence card box sets.

Click through for a look at the collection, finding inspiration in all things fabulous, from feathers to geodes!