Did you know it costs more to be a woman in this country? To be specific, around an extra $1,351 a year? It's called The Pink Tax, and it totally sucks.

In just about every category you can think of, gender informs price, with female consumers charged a premium for the "girl version" of goods otherwise of equal quality and worth. From pink bikes versus blue bikes, to pink razors versus blue razors, women have been on the losing side of this fight many still don't realize is even happening. 

40% of the time, women are charged more for things like jeans and basic white t-shirts. We're charged more for deodorant and dry cleaning. And all this in a world where on average women make 80 cents on a man’s dollar. 

Clearly, something needs to be done. And thankfully, European Wax Center is all over it. In an effort to Ax the Pink Tax, EWC has made it their mission to educate the country on just how pervasive this ridiculous markup, and the philosophy behind it, really is. 

This spring, they had everyone sporting pink eyebrows - in real life and on Snapchat. And this November and December, to continue to raise awareness, they'll be selling the ultimate feminist beauty accessory, a Pink Tax lip balm. 

So join them in the fight to level the playing field, spread the word and #axthepinktax for good. And click through for even more shocking statistics!

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