With the heat of summer finally behind us, many people have switched from their beachside rosé back to their usual choice of red or white wine. But there's still a third option: orange wine. Though it's beginning to see an increased presence in New York, only a limited number of restaurants stock the amber-hued varietal and even fewer diners actually know about it. But Brooklyn pizza favorite Roberta's wants to change that, and at their Orange Wine Festival this weekend, guests will have the chance to acclimate themselves with 30 types of orange wine, which will pair perfectly with their signature fare.

But before the festival on Sunday, we wanted to learn more about orange wine and why it's worth adding a bottle to your rotation. For that we reached out to Roberta's wine director Hugh Crickmore, who gave us the lowdown on what to expect. And the message is clear: it can be light or robust, pairs well with just about everything, and despite the sudden interest, it's actually not very new at all. But we'll let Crickmore do the rest of the explaining. Besides, the best opportunity to really understand orange wine is on Sunday at Roberta's, where you can explore the wide range of flavors for yourself.

The Orange Wine Festival takes place in the garden at Roberta's on October 15th, from 12-6pm. No reservations needed.

[Photo via @orangewinetours]