"I'm Sad Like The Gargoyles On The Big Silver Building, The Way They Frown Down On Everyone."

by Rachelle Hruska · January 12, 2009

    Who said this, while impersonating a certain socialite that is going through a very public separation with her partner?

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    Topper Mortimer, Tinsley MortimerIt was none other than Richard Lawson at Gawker as Tinsley Mortimer. The well known socialite is all over the news this week, and it's not for selling her handbags or coming up with a new camera pose.

    Tinsley and Topper are (GASP!) separated! (Rumors are that Topper's promiscuous ways became to much for the Tins to handle). Time will only tell if the couple, together since high school will file for a full on divorce.

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