A Mykonos Restaurant Charging Over $100 For A Plate Of Calamari...

by Stephanie Maida · May 24, 2019

    Welcome to DK Oyster, a lovely little eatery where the beer is $30 and lunch will cost you a cool grand. Sounds like a classic overpriced tourist trap if you ask us, but one American tourist has been making major waves about his bill.

    After stopping into the Mykonos restaurant with friends to enjoy a nice seaside lunch, Brooklyn-based visitor Francisco Tajeda was shocked when they were told their meal totaled $935. According to The Daily Mail, his party had repeatedly asked for menus but were never given any, and the waitress claimed not to know how much anything cost. Um, that should have been their first warning.

    Alas, the crew was hungry. So they each ordered a beer (which turned out to be $27 each), a couple of Caesar salads, and six appetizers of calamari. The latter is what really got them. Each serving totaled over $110. And no, this wasn't some magical squid from the fountain of youth. To compare, an order of calamari at an upscale New York restaurant goes for about $15. So, yikes.

    While they ended up paying despite huffs and puffs, the group was later told by locals that they had been majorly scammed and so they made a report with the local police. And, of course, Tajeda posted about his horrible experience on Trip Advisor, along with a photo of his receipt.

    It's a rough world out there, folks, but remember: never order a meal without the menu prices in front of you.

    [Photos via Trip Advisor]