"Best 2k I Ever Spent!" The 12th Annual Boryeong Mud Festival

by SARAH MANDATO · July 13, 2009

    [Photos via Getty] Ah, mud. Getting dir-tay. This Saturday, the people at the 12th Annual Boryeong Mud Festival at Daecheon Beach in South Korea certainly took their grime time seriously. A "self massage zone?" You can only imagine (although you probably don't want to) what goes on in there. That's in addition to the planned mud wrestling, mud sliding and mud king contest on the calendar for the event. I can't really see it being all the rage, say, in the Hamptons, but I like that they do their dirty-dirty out in the open for everyone to see.


    What a feeeeeeeeelin'!

    A happy (and so cute!), little mud mad washes off post-mess.

    The opening ceremonies of the Mud Festival.