Help! There Aren't Enough Private Jets For All The Rich People Scared Of Coronavirus

by Stephanie Maida · February 20, 2020

    If you thought a deadly pandemic was bad, wait until you hear about the real disaster Coronavirus is responsible for: a shortage in private jets. Oh, the humanity! 

    Since the outbreak, many travelers have been understandably anxious about airplanes (even people in first class are wearing face masks these days). But now, according to a report by the BBC, more and more fliers (who could afford it, of course) are turning to private jet companies to facilitate their air travel - mostly to get in and out of mainland China, where airlines have been limiting service, but also, we’re sure, to avoid the disease-carrying commoners in coach.

    Private airline firms across the world claim to have been experiencing a major uptick in inquiries in the past few weeks, including Paramount Business Jets, whose chartered flights could cost up to $6000 an hour. And while money clearly isn’t an issue for interested clients, there is one problem - there just aren’t enough private planes (or crews willing to fly to China) to go around!

    Thoughts and prayers to all the one-percenters who may have to fly commercial during this difficult time.

    [Photo via @billionairebeautiess]