The Best Thing About Having A Car In New York...

by Christie Grimm · October 24, 2018

Is leaving New York.

Don't get me wrong, the city's great and all, but there's only so much constant concrete and sidewalk gridlock a person can take before they start going mad about the hat.

This past weekend, I was lucky enough to call a beautiful, shiny 2019 Lincoln MKC mine. While I can't claim to be a car genius, I'm definitely an enthusiast who knows their way around a seat warmer and a sunroof. 

The perfect car for when you're leaving the city, but god knows you're still a city girl who's all about the amenities, Lincoln's MKC does not disappoint. Perhaps the most notable, luxurious detail of the premium SUV (the long list of impressive tech and performance features aside) was 100% the foot mats - some insanely plush, dreamy soft carpeting situation with Alcantara binding that'll have you with your shoes off in a second.

So, what seasonal destination did I decree worthy of such a luxe ride?

Outhouse Orchards up in North Salem, NY. An easy hour and a half drive from the city will land you surrounded by fields ripe with pick-your-own apple trees (which, let's be real, should far more fittingly be called unimpressively-jump-for-your-own apple trees), and a market brimming with my personal autumnal downfall, ugly gourds. 

The more warts, knots, and bulging bits the better, no? Add in the hayrides, corn maze, live music, plus stalls upon stalls of cider, cider donuts, and other fall basics, and you've yourself a perfect day trip.

Looking to savor the season with a quick trip of your own? Some personal tips for apple picking success!

1. Don't forget a phone charger (though even if you do, Lincoln's touchscreen navigation system will guide you home)

2. Pick a Sirius radio station and stick to it! People are way too trigger happy with constantly surfing the channels, chasing the dream soundtrack. 

3. Take a photo of the orchard map so you're not wandering aimlessly looking for your favorite type.

4. Sure they say not to eat any apples, but come on, how else are you going to know if it's worth picking a big bag from that tree versus another!

5. Bring a basket or tote bags to help with schlepping all your heavy apples and pumpkins back to the car.

6. Don't let any photo ops pass you by!

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