The New Luxury Car Practically Made For Taking Road Trips

by Christie Grimm · August 26, 2019

    Earlier this summer, in an attempt to shake off the angst of spring, and eat my bodyweight in fresh caught lobster, I took a road trip to Newport. A beautiful little coastal city that Google Maps will lie and tell you is just a three and a half hour drive from Manhattan, though in all actuality, acknowledging Connecticut's i95 traffic trap, is far more of a five hour journey. Certainly, my husband and I are no strangers to traffic. It'd be a truly sad exercise to calculate how many years of our lives we've lost crawling our way out to the Hamptons. 

    But though the trip out was much longer than anticipated, sitting comfy in the new Lincoln Nautilus Black Label, we could not have minded less. Such a superior experience is the Lincoln Nautilus, it's a wonder why anyone takes a trip driving anything else.

    What makes it so remarkable, you ask? First, there are two USB ports, so that game of Sophie's Choice between saving your phone over your partner's never has to happen. There's a double decker center console, optimal for storing your inevitably overstocked supply of snack and drinks. There's a first class level of foot room that will have you stretching out the entire time. The dual-zone automatic temperature controls keep you warm and your friend freezing. There's the most satisfying clicking sound of a turn signal you've ever heard. And perhaps most important / impressive of all - there's the incredibly intuitive, easy to use, touch screen entertainment interface. Unlike every other car I've ever driven, I actually used the Nautilus screen to navigate, hooking up my phone and screen sharing with my Google Maps.

    Of course my vehicular ode would be most incomplete without mentioning what a stylish car it is on the outside. Especially in the sassy Burgundy Velvet Metallic color I sported. 

    So go forth and road trip the Nautilus way - you can thank me later!