This Underwater Villa In The Maldives Is Insane!

by Christie Grimm · November 6, 2018

    From the beach, The Muraka Villa at Conrad Maldives Rangali Island looks like any other island luxury escape of its kind. A long personal jetty leads to a stilted suite hovering just above ocean level. 

    But hidden from sight? An all-glass hotel room that sits sixteen and a half feet underwater. Basically, a human aquarium. A calm, tranquil space that's all about the view, Muraka Villa guests are completely surrounded by the sea not only while sleeping but while brushing their teeth!

    For those who may be more timid to submerge themselves for the evening, the villa also features a gorgeous, above-water room. But like, really - who'd willingly pick that short stick?!

    [Photos courtesy Conrad Maldives Rangali Island]