Derek Blasberg Invents New Word "Jain," And Gets All Of The Socials Using It In Their Ever Expansive Vocabularies

by CARSON GRIFFITH · June 22, 2009

    derek_blasberg-104x125[Photo via] You might think what Derek Blasberg does best is galloping around town, serving as a contributer to top fashion publications like Vogue, and churning out Blasblog, his column on But it looks like his true talent might lie in creating the latest socialite slang. After the word "jain" started popping up on Twitter accounts like @theLSD (Lauren Santo Domingo), @ByrdieBell, and @dizzyblazeberg (Derek's own) a few months ago, just to name a few, we started to wonder what this term meant. Used in a similiar way as "fetch", the word Gretchen Weiners tried to make desperately happen to no prevail in Mean Girls, "jain" seemed to mean cool, great, awesome, but... not quite....

    It wasn't until a few weeks ago we pinpointed the culprit behind the formulation of the catchword AND it's exact meaning, thanks to tweets from

    @theLSD (and my superior tweet-creep skills): @aliwise GENIOUS=JAINOUS = JAIN (1:18 PM May 25th from web in reply to aliwise)

    and @aliwise I believe it's a @dizzyblazeberg invention (2:22 PM May 29th from Twitterrific in reply to aliwise).

    And there we have it! A translation for the mystery word that has infiltrated the New York social scene. As it spreads to other socials, you may wonder, what does Derek Blasberg have that Gretchen Weiners didn't? His collection of PMc pics? A great bow-tie collection? Nah. We think having a Twitter account may have given him a one-up on the Toaster Strudel-heiress. Now if we hear Anna Wintour calling the new spring lines "jain" come September, we know who to blame- or thank.