Exodus Twitter Feed: Twexodus?

by SUSANNAH LONG · March 17, 2010

    A small group of rabbis, led by Rabbi Oren Hayon, want to pimp out the Exodus just in time for Passover. Their bedazzler of choice? TweetTheExodus on Twitter. Phaeroh's Daughter (who resembles Tila Tequila) is our fave.

    The holy men and women are tweeting the story of the Exodus in real time over the next 2 weeks. We're already picking favorites among the tweeters. Moses's Mama, DaughterOfLevi, annoys the Gehenna out of us for her stilted (but, okay, understandable) sanctimonious attitude . . . but we really liked it when she tweeted Moses's birth:


    @DaughterOfLevi: Ahhhhhhh! Ahhhhhh! What is it? *pant* *pant* What is it? @ShifraNPuah? about 18 hours ago via web


    Overall, though, we still prefer the whiny DaughterofPharo, whose pearls of wisdom seem awfully familiar:

    @DaughterofPharo: I guess I can adopt him. I'm not doing anything. And I can dress him up, and take him places. Why is he still crying? about 1 hours ago via web

    @DaughterofPharo: Hm. Needs a name. Idogbe? No, I knew an Idogbe in school, big jerk. Nassor? Not manly enough. Why is this so hard? about 1 hours ago via GroupTweet

    @DaughterofPharo: OMEG means Oh My Egyptian Gods! about 1 hours ago via GroupTweet


    . . . And it's hard not to appreciate the slavers' consistency:

    @Slavedrivers: *whip crack* Beating @The_Israelites *whip crack* 13 minutes ago via GroupTweet


    @Slavedrivers: I love the smell of braided leather in the morning! about 1 hours ago via web


    It doesn't seem to be working, though:

    @The_Israelites: We're working as hard as we can. Making bricks takes time; forcing us to work faster isn't gonna speed things along. about 23 hours ago via web

    Well maybe if you'd stop tweeting and put your effing iphone down, Israelites.

    The rabbis seem to be loving the new format, but they're still adjusting. "Setting up a Twitter account for the God of Israel was the most irreverent thing I could think of," Illinois Rabbi Phyllis Sommer tells the WSJ. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she uses all-caps.