Follow Friday: Your New Favorite Twitter Feeds

by SUSANNAH LONG · April 23, 2010

    There's a lot of twitter ponies left to ride, and we've saddled up four really, really good ones for you. If you're not following these guys, you will be soon.

    Sesame Street

    The guys over at our favorite fictional NYC 'hood are almost too good to be true. Each of the Muppets tweets in his or her own voice, and the puppeteers behind the action throw in some Sesame Street facts for good measure.

    @sesamestreet In 1969, the fabric for Bert & Ernie’s sweaters were bought off the rack. Now they need to be hand-knit to match the pattern. #sesamefacts


    We're especially partial to Cookie Monster's chocolate chips of wisdom:

    @sesamestreet Cookie Monster: Pop quiz: how many cookies can me eat on empty stomach? Give up? Answer: 1. Because then me stomach won’t be empty anymore! 6:09 AM Apr 12th via web

    @sesamestreet Cookie Monster: Uh-oh. Sugar rush kicking in. ME GOING GRAZY! ME GOING CRAZY! ME GOING CRAZY! 10:24 AM Apr 2nd via web

    Our least favorite? Abby Cadabby, some new Muppet that no one our age has ever heard of. Her presence is a painful reminder of how interlopers make things go downhill. Remember when they brought in that new Pussycat Doll? When Cory got a girlfriend on Boy Meets World? It's a long, slow spiral.

    @sesamestree Abby Cadabby: I love doing magic, but sometimes my spells go wrong. It’s hard when you’re learning something new, isn’t it? 12:19 PM Mar 22nd via web

    Shut up Abby, you don' t know us!

    Mindy Kaling

    The Office star is consistently amusing, and sometimes terrifying.

    @mindykaling sometimes you have to just put on lip gloss and pretend to be psyched. 11:42 AM Apr 21st via web


    @mindykalingIin hindsight, yes, my last tweet made it sound like I'm a transvestite serial murderer. 11:48 AM Apr 21st via web

    @mindykaling Sometimes you just have to pull a woman's knee high over your head and kidnap an obese woman waiting for the bus 11:51 AM Apr 21st via web

    @mindykaling Hey gang. just to clarify. I'm not a murderer. Just a comedy writer having a tough morning trying to distract herself by manic twittering. 11:54 AM Apr 21st via web

    @mindykaling Nevermind. I'm a murderer. 11:56 AM Apr 21st via web


    The Fake Gloria Vanderbilt

    We briefly, gloriously thought this was actually Gloria Vanderbilt. This is actually the most mundane twitter feed in the world, but if you pretend it really is La Gloria, famed sexy novelist and mater to Anderson Cooper, it feels so good.

    @gloriavanderbilt craving Frito's. I don't even like Frito's.. 1:03 PM Oct 11th, 2009 via web


    @gloriavanderbilt goddamn, fuck this shit! 9:45 AM Sep 29th, 2009 via web


    Stanley Stuyvesant

    He just started tweeting, and often gets too tired to be too verbose. But he's the cutest twitter user ever.

    @stanleystuy Human Cat For Adoption. 24 minutes ago via web