How Ashton Kutcher Got To 1 Million...You Can't UNFOLLOW Him!

by Rachelle Hruska · April 17, 2009

    We were all happy for Ashton Kutcher and his beating CNN to 1 Million followers on Twitter, but then we found out that it's IMPOSSIBLE to UNfollow the celebrity.  Yes, we've tried over and over, and Twitter has disabled the UNFOLLOW button on @aplusk's page! Does this bother anyone? It makes sense, after all, doesn't it? This little contest has created more buzz than the Internet has seen in months, propelling the company to main stream vocabulary.  Are the founders (who will be appearing on Oprah today to watch her first tweet), going too far with their power?

    NOTE: It is still possible to unfollow CNN, apparently Ashton is the only Twitterer that you can not unfollow at this point.