No One Is Following You On Twitter

by BILLY GRAY · May 10, 2010

    If the inane musings on Twitter sometimes resemble a high school bathroom wall, then every Twitter user is currently the school loser who ate lunch alone in the bathroom stall every day. That's right, you've lost all your followers (for now).

    The Twitter meltdown follows a Gizmodo expose on a gaping security lapse of sorts that lets you force anyone on the timesuck to follow you. Gizmodo's John Herrman got Oprah to read his nonsense and could even send her Direct Messages! Time for me to recruit David Lynch and tweet that screenplay I've been meaning to write for two years. We can all be discovered!

    Except that right now, we can't. Because "Follower" numbers have universally reset to zero. Which, really, is what they should have been all along.