Twitteriffic Tweets: By Boat Or By Train, We're Back From The Hamptons

by Chiara Atik · June 1, 2010

    @AshleySimko Back in the city and already missing le Hamptons. Montauk now holds a special place in my heart (right next to the sand still in my bikini).

    @kristianlaliber Never seen so many polos, boat shoes, and seersucker in one place as acela to nyc #waspheaven-


    - @beckadiamond Just started my set at Kenmare in and Olivier Theyskens for Nina Ricci mini dress, vintage belt, blk Lanvin flats, easy breezy x - @mrbradgoreski Delicious dinner at Nick and Toni's--another one of my fave hamptons restaurants. Now its time for the Housewives of New Jersey. So excited -

    - @mccordalex What a great weekend with @SimonvanKempen & the chums - now stopping by @ramonasinger 's on the way back to NYC - - @cjronson The long trafficy ride home is flying by thanks to my @samantharonson mixes. So fun for @danistahl & I to sing along to.

    - - @stephaniewei Are *any* of my friends back in NYC yet?! Even though I am enjoying the peace and quiet of being in the city on a holiday... - - @whitneyEVEport Ventured across the bridge today! What's fun to do in Brooklyn?? -- -

    - @FabiolaBeracasa Just took a spin class at fly wheel in sag harbour...I LOVED it! I'm going to start going in the city!! - - @harleyvnewton Most beautiful wedding dress I've ever seen



    @lindsaylohan night night... before i am bed ridden from getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow - wish me luck - i'm scared :( xx


    @sea_of_shoes Hey people say smoking is gross but I get real gag reflexes from the smell of your Trident Tropical Berry Punch gum #barfme