Twitteriffic Tweets: Cash Cab Sightings And Train Troubles

by CATHY LEVETT · July 28, 2010

    @dabneymercer I just saw Ben Bailey in the cash cab!! Flashing disco lights!! My life is complete!! ;) !!


    @caro Whenever the 5 train is scared of water and refuses to cross into Brooklyn, a little more of me gets permanently consumed by yuppie whine.



    @asiddy tuesdays at kastels. who are these people? -

    - @PeterDavisNYC Cutie Japanese style at Astor Place subway!

    - - @carney Man in bar to me: "I only speak French. And you only speak stockbroker." - - - @Bethenny The equal distribution of love to jason,bryn&dabooboo is a full time job!what r u guys up to tonight? - - @kristianlaliber I swear, I didn't stalk dean winters - - - @carolhan Almost died in the hardest dance class I've ever taken at bway dance center. #collapse