Twitteriffic Tweets: Etymology With Joan Collins

by Chiara Atik · June 16, 2010

    @asiddy Richard rich just told us joan collins coined the term bisexual by saying "buy me something and ill be sexual." Carlyle!! @alexrush - - @derekblasberg After a Broadway play, I didn't think tonight could get any gayer... And then @CMBenz has drug me to Beige, the gay dinner party at BBar!


    @mccordalex Absolutely thrilled that it's warm enough to send the chums outside to play for 10 min b4 school - yay Brooklyn Backyard!!!


    - @NicRad hangin with young secularists who want nothing more than a jeffersonian republic - -

    - @Sn00ki Having a legit dinner date :) what's good in nyc tanite? We wanna fist pump lol - -

    - @nedhepburn seeing as nobody really reads my Twitter, i've spent the last 24 hrs with a girl i just met yesterday - acting like a couple of newlyweds. - - - @cjronson Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose... - - - @Choire I can't get out of the car because "Rock You Like a Hurricane" is on the radio. The Walgreen's parking lot has never been so awesome. - - - @bevyjreyes One could not pry @BretEastonEllis new novel out of my hands no matter what they tried.


    @carney Ever have one of those crushes, where you keep hoping maybe she'll smile from across the room? That's how the iPhone made me feel today. - - - @tinsleymortimer Regis Philbin just gave me a shout out from the stage at this event I am attending tonight!! :) :) luv him!! Now Bill Clinton is speaking!! - - @CarsonGriffith Moscow mules! Yum! RT @RLFIII: A much needed drink at The Crosby Hotel with @AJSlavin.