Twitteriffic Tweets: Formal Thursdays

by MIGUELINA NUNEZ · June 3, 2010

    @MinnieMortimer Lovely birthday dinner given by @TheLSD for her husband at the LION.. Oh how the night passed in that black lacquer room. XOXO -

    @bryanboy Is it safe for me to wear platform wedges in sweden? im thinking of taking my finsk shoes for a spin but im scared i might get shot - @camsontheradio #LRFF2010 Opening Night was seriously fun. The film Winter's Bone was embraced by everyone and the turnout was insane. Great after-party! -

    @joshblevins Great opening night for @LRFilmFestival with Winter's Bone and @oxfordamerican event. @jacklofton and Warwick Sabin throw a good party.


    @derekblasberg So @FabiolaBeracasa just reminded me that when we first met I called her Fabreeze-iola for a good two or three months -

    @chrissiemiller Kenmare! RT @cjronson: How many twitter blocks are you from here...??? -


    @logandoesntweet such a fun night :) dreading leaving bootyfest!!! -


    @maliksochic Vh1 party! Metal detectors!!!! --


    @kristianlaliber En route to @coach dinner, needing a drink stat -