Twitteriffic Tweets: "...I'm Zac Efron's Cousin."

by Chiara Atik · July 30, 2010

    @CarsonGriffith "How did u know there was acth no Charlie St. Cloud premiere in NYC last Mon?" "I'm a reporter. How did u?" "...Im zac efron's cousin" DYING - @RobertVerdi Just saw lee radziwill shopping on avenue montainge - - @AnneWatkins Argo Tea Cafe has finally opened on University Place. Lookin pretty fancy! - -

    - @pjcnyc Got to the airport last night. Checked in. Then flight was canceled. Drove ALL night (ala Celine Dion), now in upstate NY. #yawn - - @derekblasberg The car next to my taxi to JFK is blasting Mexican hip hop so loud I'm having flashbacks to my senior year Spring Break in Puerto Vallarte. - - @tommysaleh After a terrible night at ..... And ...., ended at Kenmare, finally great music, crowd and conversation. - - @mccordalex Told the boys they could make their own pizza 2nite; F disappeared & returned in this getup - dying!! - - @miamoretti Playing music, doing oyster shooters and sipping white wine at the kswiss loft with @diggylloyd & @caitlinmoe, hoping this will cure my cold