Twitteriffic Tweets: Kevin From The Office Gets Lucky At Lit

by Chiara Atik · May 24, 2010

    @Cory_Kennedy Kevin from the office is at lit!!!!! And he's making out with a blonde chick!!!!!!

    - @lindsaylohan R.I.P Simon Monjack- - - @carolhan Massive apartment cleaning. Still no closet space. I'm about to buy a tarp and turn my terrace into a big closet.

    - -- @cjronson Lovin the VIP DJ party booth for sunday Funday at #goldbar with @samantharonson (cont) - - @MikeNouveau Well, cast of Lost, hope you all enjoyed your six-year acting careers. See you at the 20 year reunion! - - @dannymasterson The guy who told me last night that shake shack burger is better than corner bistro is a filthy liar and will b disciplined accordingly. - - @PeterDavisNYC Casual pre-flight bite with Daphne Guinness at The Mercer: four broaches along her collar, 8'' stilettos and seven diamond bangle bracelets. - - @whitneyEVEport Taking my BFF, Ang, to the SATC2 premiere tomorrow. Should she wear a leopard dress or a black dress?!?! - - @CarsonGriffith Can some1 plz tell me who makes the shorts K.Hudson wears while shooting Something Borrowed on beach in Amagansett? Ill b 4ever in ur debt



    @AskMrMickey What to wear for the Swarovski CFDA shindig tonight. I'm thinkin' somethin all sparkly. -