Twitteriffic Tweets: Lady Gaga And What Will Become Of The Vuvuzela

by MIGUELINA NUNEZ · July 8, 2010

    @nickkroll In my next life I'm coming back as a vuvuzela so I can be really annoying and still get blown constantly. - -

    @PeterDavisNYC my brother is going to @ladygaga tonight. he hates her, i love her. he's straight, i'm gay. go figure.

    - -

    @SMYLIFE All the artists delivering and setting up their work at ArtHampton - opening part tomorrow night - -

    @asiddy busy night ahead for @shellbelle252 and I! grace list oyster and champagne tasting & @2AMclub concert. ooh, la la. - -

    @bevyjreyes In Berlin about to watch the Germany game. Converse party. #skaters #friends #football #fun --

    @nedhepburn Not Getting Engaged Party: -

    @Sn00ki Almost to the city! Can't wait to relax and get outta this heat my hair is exhausted ;) -

    @NicRad Personally I would like to see Lebron freelance for a while --


    @CarsonGriffith Love how my trainer texts me. Do not love how i just ate a hot dog w @cbmill for her bday. Will not be telling him that. - -