Twitteriffic Tweets: Matching Your Wardrobe To The Standard Rooftop

by Chiara Atik · June 24, 2010

    PeterDavisNYC My paint splattered shoes match the stairway up to the Standard roof. I'm a freak. 100%. - @asiddy Don't forget the water beds. Of all nights not to drink... RT @JER711: Violin players + disco balls. standard (cont)


    - @ByrdieBell Finally got it together and watched a Twilight movie. Kristin Stewart has a new fan... Namely, me - - @caitlinmoe i just took a book from a bar on ave A. i feel awful, really, i do. i will return you one day. but let's be - - @harleyvnewton What the hell a hot tub in a nightcloob that's just nuts. - - @toryburch Fresh kiwi juice at 10 Corso.Como in Seoul. A new summer drink(with a touch of Vodka)??!! - - @cjronson Good morning NY. Wow, humidity is already in full force... - - @AskMrMickey Ooh Australia now has a female Prime Minister Julia Gillard! Sisters are doin' it for themselves! Go ladies! - - @caro Only 8 iPhones in stock at Montague St. Radio Shack store. Brooklynites going home with the sads.