Twitteriffic Tweets: Preparing For The Met Ball

by Chiara Atik · May 3, 2010

    @RobertVerdi Just landed at jfk... What a dreary day in my city! The met ball is tonight... All those wet gowns... Ughhhh!

    - @FabiolaBeracasa Good night, have to get my beauty sleep before the met tomorrow...don't want to have suitcases under my eyes!-

    - @cjronson @iamMarkRonson so fun to have you in la! Excited for our adventures tomorrow...

    - --- @CarsonGriffith James Franco decided his event was going 2 go 45 min longer than it was slotted - ok James Franco postpone my Sun night couch time y dont ya


    -@mrbradgoreski Family Guy was genius that Stewie bought a Thom Browne sweater! Hahahha! Major TV moment.


    @kristianlaliber The hugo boss store is havin an employee party.When A tried to go in and grab a slice of pizza some fat chick came @ us wit a price gun

    - @PeterDavisNYC Wishes every street had a Banksy on it. (yeah, just saw Exit Through the Gift Shop)

    - --- mindykaling Teens tuning into 60 Minutes to watch @ConanOBrien will be like "dude, I love this campy ironic news program with the giant ticking clock".