Twitteriffic Tweets: Saints And Synchronized Swimmers

by MIGUELINA NUNEZ · July 19, 2010

    @miamoretti The box miami for amex zync with miss @caitlinmoe and a few dozen underwater dancers! --

    @beckadiamond Murder City Devils @allsaints_ party with @Cory_Kennedy @nicoguilis-


    @HilaryHRhoda Performance by synchronized swimmers and an electric violinist! Amazing... where do I sign up for lessons?? - -

    @caryrandolph Sunday fun day @ #America's most exclusive beach club. Prep overkill. #Newport (@ Spouting Rock Beach Association) - -

    @StevenRojas Time for some shopping in #soho then getting lunch @sohograndhotel and heading to the @allsaints_ @jellynyc #free concert #NYC #summer - -

    @derekblasberg In a taxi up 6th Avenue and still baffled that Limelight, a church turned queer techno club of my youth, is now a friggin' mall! #Weird --