Twitteriffic Tweets: So Many Parties, So Little Time

by Chiara Atik · June 11, 2010

    @toryburch Early morning trip to Torino. Visiting San Carlo, a fantastic store that sells our collection. Espresso shots in the cars. - - @asiddy bunnies and boys and usher oh my! juliet supper club be hoppin' for playboys 50th. get it?????? - - @CarsonGriffith Also im dancing w only gay guy here & hes in shorts & apparently took dance classes from Madonna circa Like A Virgin era #peoplearestaring - - @beckadiamond Amazing show Adam Green and Irina singing twist n' shout - - @tinsleymortimer Just left the @Fifiawards!! Now going to the Playboy party. I love my Oscar de la renta dress I am wearing and Versace shoes!! - - @carolhan This is like a game show. Survivor challenge: try to leave milk to smoke a cigarette and then get back in through the angry mob. - - @AJMukamal DJing Ava Cutrone's 8th Bday @SohoGrandHotel -check out my options #WeirdThatIWantAllTheseCDs? #shameless

    - @derekblasberg I promised Irina Lazareanu I'd come to her Pete Doherty party at Milk tonight: On a scale of 1 to comatose, how coherent will Petey will be?