Twitteriffic Tweets: Some People Are In Cannes, Some People Are In Rome, And Some Are In Good Ol' New York

by Chiara Atik · May 18, 2010

    @MissDK Hello Cannes, glad to be back;) in hair and make-up now, day full of interviews and later 'la montee des marches'!! ;) big smile on my face

    dabneymercer I just landed in Rome!! -


    ParisHilton Hey @NicoleRichie - I'm at the VIP Club in Cannes watching your dad perform Ballerina Girl on stage. Your song. Loves it! Amazing voice! - - @daniellestaub Wish Christine luck she's up for Marc Jacobs fall fashion week - -

    - @littleylittley not tweeting the ultimate spoiler..the last 5mins of #GG is not to be missed. - -

    - @CarsonGriffith Well thats probably the only time i'll see Bette Midler & Nathan Lane perform in the equiv of a wedding tent #bettemidlersspringpicnic - - @misswill Jick Nonas can be trending but Justin Bieber can't? LAME @twitter. LAME. Let the Bieb back.

    - @caro If I'm force-fed one more blogger pissing contest via my Twitter feed I'm going to start hitting that unfollow button with reckless abandon.