Twitteriffic Tweets: The Jane Is Back, And Dina Lohan Is On Twitter

by Chiara Atik · May 5, 2010

    @byrdieBell Really want to party with the brain behind West Village wireless network "Michael Jackson is Alive" - - @bevyjreyes Dear Jane, welcome back.... Love, a.white, b.bump, c.line, k.kane, s.ronose, p.adral & many more. Xx - - @maliksochic queen latifah came! W me after the premiere yeeeahhh! - -

    @harleyvnewton I'm in heaven. Where's @CaseyCoane when you need her? -

    - cjronson Sing it sister!! @samantharonson - -


    lindsaylohan follow my mom on twitter!!!@dinamlohan i just tweeted for her! she's a twitter virgin! - -


    @AshleySimko From lunch at the Beverly Hills Hotel to Flight Club. I've yet to find a spot where these blindingly teal running shorts are appropriate.