Twitteriffic Tweets: The Lion, The Robin Hood Gala, And Katy Perry Learns A Lesson

by Chiara Atik · May 11, 2010

    @derekblasberg The fact that @HilaryHRhoda and @ByrdieBell went to Six Flags without me makes me seethe with jealousy! Trust: I am the amusement park king! - - @miamoretti dear @katyperry, just bc ur a pop star doesnt make it okay for 4 u 2 strip me naked & throw me in a pool OR hack my twitter. urs truly, mia-


    @Caro "Sorry about Lost. Come after if you want. Don't spill the beans." -mass message from poor soul who scheduled his b-day party for tmrw night

    - @PeterDavisNYC First official night Lion is open: Nicole Miller eating with Richie Rich, Andrew Saffir, Lisa Marie Fernandez, Dan Abrahms...

    - @aliwise On a date with @cjronson . At a neighborhood spot, dining.


    - @JustinRossLee JRL has finally lost it. Doing a JewJetting mileage-run. Early AM to Puerto Rico for 2 hrs in the sand. Back in New York by dinner tonight. - - @sorayadarabi "If you have a boat that's not your primary residence- YOU should be giving Robinhood a lot of money." - Tracey Morgan to the #RHB audience - - @BenWiddicombe Chatting with Whitney Port at the Lincoln Center Institute benefit for arts education. Turns out her mom's an art teacher